• Elizabeth Casper

Why Glitter Warrior?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi my friends! My name is Liz and I have been wanting to share what's on my heart for a long time. I created this blog as a space for all things wellness and fashion with a hint of sparkle.

Creating a name for this space was probably the most difficult part! I thought on it for the LONGEST time, but nothing seemed to fit. I wanted it to reflect the many facets of who I am, along with all of the many things I wanted to share. I am definitely a princess but also a fighter. As a young kid I always found myself admiring the "warrior" chicks. Mulan was, and always will be, my favorite princess. I had always felt like I was meant to stand up and protect BUT I also loved all things shiny. It could seem to be a bit of a clash, but honestly that's who I am! A princess with a warrior heart, and thus the Glitter Warrior was born!

I hope to be a warrior in my life in many ways. I strive to be physically strong, but also allow myself to enjoy the things in life that sparkle. This is a space where I share my wellness tips along with displaying my love of fashion ..... and I have to include at least a smidge of Disney! It is going to be quirky and multifaceted, like me! I hope that you enjoy and join me on the adventure!

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