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Wedding Part 1 I Getting Ready + The details + First Look!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Our wedding day is so hard to put into words. It was nothing at all like I had expected it to be, and it was absolutely perfect because of that. There is no way we could have planned the things that unfolded and that’s what made it all the more magical!

Getting ready

I started my day off with a morning run. This is something that I have been doing for years and it was really important to me to do on my wedding day. I have written about it before, but running is my meditation. It is my favorite form of me time. It put me in a great and relaxed head space to get in that run on my own. And lucky me, one of my bridesmaids is a yoga teacher! The flow with my girls really meant so much! It helped center me and allowed me to put my worries aside. Also to help me stay relaxed and grounded I had a Reiki session with our good family friend. My experience during our session that morning was magical. I don’t know that I would have tackled the events of the day as well without her.

After my marvelous reiki experience, I hunkered down to do my makeup. I was honestly so completely blissed out on my own, painting my face for about an hour, that I did not realize it was raining until I was almost done. I peaked out my parent’s bathroom window and saw that it was absolutely pouring. I was in a state of utter shock. I always knew that it was a possibility that it would rain on our wedding day, but there was never a moment in my head that I even really gave it a thought. The only thing I had ever really felt/known about my wedding was that it would be outside. There was no other option in my mind. To be honest, my major concern was our pictures. We were getting married at a Zoo with GORGEOUS gardens that I have admired since I was young. I was heartbroken by the thought that we most likely would not get to take pictures outside.

I don’t even know that I panicked. I felt it inside, but I could not talk about it. I think it was the quietest I’d ever been ha! Ya girl loves to talk! Especially when all of my lady loves were in my house! Looking back, I think that is my one “regret”. I hate to even call it that, but I wish that I would have been able to come out of my daze and socialize a bit more with my people while getting ready. Regardless, all of my brides people made the morning wonderful! They didn't give me an invitation to panic. They were just a buzz with positivity!

We ended up heading to the Zoo early because everyone was ready and I was just a ball of nerves. I wanted to get there and figure everything out.

Spoiler alert, we were able to take pictures outside! But I’ll get to that later in the story. For now, let’s talk about the details!


I wrote a whole post about my dresses and the process of choosing them, which you can read here! I absolutely loved them and wish I could wear them every single day. The fabrics, the fit, the silhouettes. I felt the most beautiful I had EVER felt honestly.

My bridesmaids also wore Jenny Yoo! I chose to go with velvet because 1. they were super stretchy and comfortable 2. I loved the idea of a rich emerald color and in the velvet it looked so luxe. And 3. I know from experience that every bride says this, but they could honestly wear them again! The emerald looked absolutely stunning next to all of the lush greens of the zoo gardens and honestly thank goodness for the rain because it made everything glow!

We really lucked out finding something for the groomsmen that blended so well with my girls! I had the idea for velvet suit jackets for the men to match, and thanks to my mom's google skills she found some great options AND they were all on sale after the holidays! Once we got them in and saw them with the dresses, I knew that they would be perfect. Since there would be so many more shades of green in the garden, decor, and boutonnieres/flowers, I didn’t feel like they needed to be an exact match to the velvet bridesmaids dresses. Just in the same color family. I think it worked out beautifully.


Speaking of boutonnieres, ours were quite special You all know I love a theme, and that all stems from my mother’s incredible ability to throw the most amazingly detailed themed out birthday parties for us when we were younger. In the 6th grade I had a Lord of the Rings themed birthday party (duh!) and my mom created elven brooches for everyone FROM SCRATCH! She had the idea to use them for our wedding and since Robby & I and both of our families are big LOTR fans, it was a no brainer and such a cool detail to add.

Robby was able to rent his tux from my family’s bridal shop! It made the whole experience so seamless for him! Even when there was a little issue with the fit, they were able to fix it toot sweet and that was just one less thing we had to worry about!

The jewels!

I wore my mom’s earrings and necklace from her wedding and it was the perfect touch. Just a touch of aqua ( our shared favorite color + close to my birth stone), was gorgeous against the simple white dress, and really complimented by all of the greens surrounding.

I ordered the most beautiful rose gold star earrings for my bridesmaids from etsy. The shop owner was SO helpful to work with! I saw them and fell in love but saw that she only had one left in stock. I messaged her and she immediately reached out to her factory and helped me place the order for all of my girls… and a pair for me which i honestly wear all the time!

All of my bride's people wore The Fire Within Her bracelets. I have followed her account on instagram for years, and absolutely adore her message and how she encourages and shows up for other women. She introduced a gorgeous jade bead for her fall line last year and I thought it would be a wonderful gift for my brideshumans! How nice to not only have a gorgeous bracelet, but one that is able to diffuse oils and help bring you calm. I got one for the ladies, men, and myself! I am SO happy that I did. One of my bridesmaids whipped up a relaxing concoction of essential oils for my bracelet and I had that thing uo to my nose alllll day to help me stay grounded and cope through the stress.

The rings!

Our rings are pretty special! Robby picked out my engagement ring and it has a gorgeous celtic knot design. I wanted to find something that complimented it well and Robby had the idea of getting a rose gold ring for himself so that we could match. He's so sweet! We ended up ordering them from an Etsy shop! They had a matching set in which the pattern of my wedding band was carved into the inside of his, so it looked as if mine came from his. It was so special and we absolutely love them!

First Look!

Our first look! This was something that I was SO nervous about because I hate how cheesy it can look. I did not want to put pressure on either of us to have to react in a certain way. All of the things leading up to that moment made it reallllly raw for me because I just wanted to be with him. Once we got to the venue and I knew I was going to see him I knew that it couldn’t be soon enough. He is my grounding force and my bliss. Just his presence helps me to relax!

Our photographers, who are absolute angel superheros, were ON it checking the weather and had noticed that there would be a lul in the rain, so they suggested that we do the first look early and I was FOR it! I would get to see him and we would have the chance to snag at least SOME pictures outside. I was able to open Robby's gift to me before we set out. He wrote me the longest and most heart felt wonderful note. I had never heard such incredibly eloquent and beautiful words and I could feel his sincerity and love through it. I was reminded of why we were there and why we were doing this and I was so ready to marry the heck outta him!

Our photographers and videographer were SUPERSTARS in this moment! They made it so comfortable even through the slight awkwardness haha. No matter what, I think a planned moment like that is gonna be awkward! It's so intimate! Looking at the pictures and videos it is so funny that we look so calm, cool, and collected. Because we were NOT! We were both shaking and instantly crying. I love that man so much and seeing him just released all of the emotions I had pent up throughout the morning. Just feeling his touch put everything in perspective and I got so excited for what our purpose was for that day.

We took lots of pictures with just Robby and I and then we had to make the hard decisions. Would we push through with an outdoor ceremony and the threat of rain? Or would we relocate to the indoor venue? Tune in to my next post to find out and learn what *secret ceremony* means. #cliffhanger


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