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#WarriorWednesday Disney style! Literally.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

My obsession with warrior chicks all started with Mulan. My OG Princess idol. I remember seeing the preview sketches when we visited Disney's Hollywood Studios (It was MGM then) as a kid and thinking "huh, cool." But when I finally saw the movie, I was INSPIRED. Mulan was like nothing I'd ever seen before. She kicked major butt! This was the kind of princess I wanted to see. She motivated me like no other before her. Her power, determination, focus, and loyalty were unmatched. That was exactly who I wanted to be. A warrior, and yet still a princess. Hence where the name The Glitter Warrior stemmed from! It encompasses my desire to live my sparkly truth and also slay like the warrior in me was meant to.

(P.s. don't fight me on Mulan's princess-ness. She is the most powerful of all.)

Fast forward to today and I still look up to Disney Princesses... no surprise there really, but I think you should too! Now Disney has so many glorious female characters that are fabulous role models, not only for kids, but adults too! They have embraced the warrior woman and let us see our true powers shine through, through them. Even though they are only fictional characters, the lessons that they teach are real. To watch them solve conflicts and conquer the world all while accompanied by glorious music.... it's the ultimate motivation! They are all true queens and warrior women. It's a privilege to be privy of Disney Princess power because it enlightens our own inside of us! They ignight our inner warrior princess.

And what better week to highlight bad#$% Disney chicks than during Frozen week! Elsa and Anna slay the Warrior game!

This is why I love #disneystyle In my home, wardrobe, and everyday life. It empowers me to live with the magic. To see it being accessed in front of me inspires to keep creating my own. It allows me to pay homage to the characters and stories that inspire me and take on that good energy. Those good vibes. That confidence. All expressed through clothing. ...... And blasting a Disney Princess ballad can help. One of the greatest motivators in my opinion. So it's necessary to my productivity :) ........I know you do it too! Embrace it! Let your Disney Princess shine girl!

The incredible Carlye Wisel just wrote an article highlighting the amazingness that is the Disney community. Definitely worth a read for the Disney fan here!

You have the power to slay and do it with style. I encourage you to be the princess AND the warrior. They are one in the same.

Much love,


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