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Warrior Wednesday!: Black Widow

Happy Warrior Wednesday! This week's look is dedicated to the powerhouse Black Widow. Now I wasn't originally a big Black Widow fan. (In fact... I wasn't a Marvel fan at all up until a few years ago. Thank goodness Marvel came into my life! ) I wrote about this on my instagram, and I think it's a really important topic.

I originally judged Black Widow because she was played by Scarlett Johansson. The mega babe that every man around me drooled over no matter what she did. I didn't want to admit it then, but that made me feel majorly insecure about myself. I tried to hide that insecurity through sassy comments and my general “dislike” of her, someone I didn’t even know, rather than looking inward and tackling what was bringing those feelings up. How unfair is that?! Then I’d watch her in movie after movie and in the back of my head be like “DANG she’s good!” but I couldn’t admit it. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to change and grow and see my judgement for what it truly was that I truly felt free. I honestly felt SO empowered letting my judgements go and admiring the beauty that someone else’s individuality could bring to the world. Honestly, it’s way more fun than being judgemental! This is something I am working on daily as an adult, but has been one of the most powerful emotional changes I have pursued.

We have all been judged unfairly in our lives. We have all judged unfairly ourselves. But we are allowed to grow. Don’t forget that.

I admire Black Widow for her dedication to doing good, her loyalty to her people, and her kick butt warrior moves! And I admire Scar Jo for being a BOMB actor! This is my little love note to her.

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