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Warrior Wednesday!: Captain Marvel

Hi friends! Welcome to Warrior Wednesday!

On Wednesdays I share warrior women that inspire me. Both in fiction and in real life.

I have been thinking about this series for so long. I have wanted to find a way to feature both my love of fashion & fiction plus support the badass women I see around me daily. And thus what is now #warriorwednesday came to be. I will share a look inspired by one of my favorite fictional female warriors and also share inspiring warrior women to follow in my instagram stories!

I have been watching a lot of Marvel lately and that sparked the idea that finally got this series started. I really didn’t get into Marvel until later in my life, which severely bums me out. There are so many incredible strong female characters and I know I would have been so inspired as a girl. But I am inspired as an adult and maybe that’s even better! I want to pay tribute to the awesome women of Marvel and what better way for me - lover of clothes - to do that than through fashion! (One day I’ll be cool enough to do full on cosplays #goals)

To start it all off I chose Captain Marvel! For one of two reasons! 1. She’s awesome. Side note — I cry EVERY time I watch that movie. The scene of her past selves getting up after they got knocked down gets me every time. THEN “I’m just a Girl”playing while she kicks MAJOR butt. I can’t. It’s incredible and basically everything I want to be in life! #GIRLPOWERand 2. This shirt is created by one of my favorite female entrepreneurs Jordandene. I spoke to her at her comic con booth last year and GEEKED out! If you are into nerdy fashion, you MUST check out her designs. You can shop this look at the end of the post.

Let's go "Higher, Further, Faster" baby!

"I've been fighting with one arm tied behind my back. What happens when I'm finally set free?" - Carol Danvers

Check out my insta stories today for awesome warrior women to follow on social media!

Who is your favorite woman of Marvel? Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll do a look inspired by her!

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