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Tips for the Most Magical Bachelorette on earth!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Now to be honest, this all sounded like a crazy pipe dream when I first mentioned it. A bachelorette party in Disney World?!? Too good to be true! But the more we talked about it, the more feasible it seemed. I never wanted to pressure my friends and family into an experience that would cost an arm and a leg. We're all out here together and just living life is expensive! Though the more I looked into it, the more achievable it seemed. And I realized that it was a great excuse for all of my people to take a trip to Disney World! SO into planning mode I went, and out came the most magical experience ever!

My biggest advice would be to start planning early! It allowed us to do lots f research and find the experience that suited our needs best while finding cheap flights and planning funds for food and souvenirs.

1. Start with the hotel. Now, luckily, I am a Disney Parks pro! My family and I have been planning trips since I was 5 years old, so I've picked up lots of insider tricks along the way. We usually stay on Disney property. 1. Because it's MAGICAL and 2. For all of the perks! When staying on Disney property you are treated to free transportation to and from the Orlando airport, free transportation to the parks, extra magic hours at the parks, and SO many magical details that will make your trip incredibly special.

Throughout the year Disney offers lots of discounts! It can really help the price if you are strategic about the time of year you go down. We scored a great discount for the hotel going mid August. We were there right after most schools started and right before the food and wine festival and the opening of a new land. That led to LOTS of great discounts and a decently light crowd at the parks! We booked right through the Disney World website. They will show all of the deals available right there, and there are a lot of different tiers of resorts to suit your needs and price point.

We ended up booking a villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that can sleep up to 9 adults. We had 8 people in the room and it was quite comfortable! The Disney Resort Villas are a great option for big groups! Splitting the cost up amongst a large group of people made it much more affordable than individually booking hotel rooms AND we all got to stay together throughout the weekend making it like one giant adult sleepover. Including a dip in the massive bubble bath!

2. I love a good theme, and a great themed gift bag always goes along with a party in my opinion! I decided on a "Treat Yo Self" theme in ode to my favorite Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec! Disney felt like the ULTIMATE Treat Yo Self location. I wanted to give my girls a little something to say thank you for making the trip and to add a little extra magic to the experience. Honestly, I also LOVE putting together presents! We found matching ears on the shopdisney app about a month or so before we went down. I also included fun animal print pajama pants (for our big Animal Kingdom Lodge slumber party), face masks, a small bottle of champagne, and my mom found the cutest Mickey ice cream bar Alex and Ani bracelets for everyone! It was really fun to match and I was happy that everyone had something they could take and use at home. :)

3. Take advantage of being a bride! Having a special celebration at Disney makes it all the more magical! Especially when you let the cast members know! They have buttons for everything from "First time visit" to "Happily Ever After" Wear them around the parks so that everyone knows you're celebrating! It's quite special. One of my wonderful bridesmaids even told the barista at Starbucks that I was the bride so they gave us these adorable labeled cups! I felt so special the whole day :) It was like a we were followed by pixie dust everywhere we went.

4. Matching shirts! Now I was hesitant of this at first. As much as I love a theme, I didn't want to tell everyone what they had to wear to the Disney Parks! #disneystyle is such a huge part of my trips and my favorite way to express my Disney love and love of fashion, so I didn't want to take that away from anyone! BUT since we planned on doing two parks that day, we were able to go back to the hotel and change into an "evening look."

The shirts ended up so cute and I am so happy that we got them! My aunt and cousin stepped in and took care of them for me! Praise be to them for all of their help! They sent me a bunch of cute design ideas and this Disney treats "Treat Yo Self' design was my favorite, and absolutely perfect for the occasion! They are not super specific, so they can definitely be worn again on another Disney trip.... or at home.... every day like I've been wearing mine ;)

Luckily there are so many awesome Disney designers, it's super easy to make your own custom design. I would recommend starting on Etsy for inspiration!

5. Take advantage of the My Disney Expericence App! Once we had our hotel room booked, I was able to make dining reservations for the entire party. You can connect with others that already have the app, and send invitations to those who don't. That way everyone is in one place! Since we had such a large group and a few first timers, I didn't want to book up the whole day. I wanted to allow people a bit of freedom to experience Disney in the way they wanted, but having a dinner booked was a great start to our evening and great way to regroup with everyone. We dined at the San Angel Inn Restaurant in Epcot's Mexico pavilion. It was delicious and great portions for the price! PLUS I'm a big tequila girl, so it was the perfect place to start the night off with a Margarita!

We didn't do any fast passes because most of us didn't get tickets in advance, but if you do, you can use the My Disney Experience App to sync up your whole party and get group fast passes as well! Disney allows your to make fast passes selections 60 days out if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel.

6. Head to Epcot! If you have been to Disney World post 21st birthday, then you know Epcot is an adults playground. The World Showcase is a mecca for culture, amazing food, and drinks! This is the place to "drink around the world". The perfect place to have a little bachelorette fun. It's a great place to grab a margarita and stroll with your people. There are 11 different countries represented, all of which offer great local food and drink. You can grab a cocktail in Morocco, and then snag fish and chips in the UK. You'll also encounter fantastic live music ( my favorite is the British Revolution Band in the UK Pavillion) and the greatest fireworks show in my personal opinion. It's the perfect place to end your bachelorette celebration!

7. Live your truth, love on your people, and have a ball! It's the most magical place on earth and you're going with your favorite people on earth! The atmosphere alone is pure magic, so just be present and soak it all in! I wish that I could go back. It was more than I could have ever imagined.

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