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Summer Skin favs: Summer Smooth legs!

Before I head out to catch some rays or hit the pool - I know I know I'm working on my tan! - I like to make sure I'm feeling my best in my skin. That's where my summer smooth legs tools come in! These are my favorite inexpensive products (all under $6) to get those silky smooth stems.

Scroll down for my go-to's that are simple and yet effective!

I noticed a big difference once I started using a shaving cream while shaving. The Moisturizing Cream Shave from Trader Joe's is an absolute dream! I wish it was available online so I could link it for you, but alas it is not. So don't forget to check the skincare section the next time you're grabbing your fav produce from TJ's. It smells like a tropical vacation and makes my legs feel beach ready too.

Don't forget to moisturize! The best time to moisturize is right after you shower. It seems to really lock in the moisture. I love to use this gradual self tanner a few times a week to keep the glow up. Then on all the other days I use cocoa butter. It's less than $3 and has a pump. I LOVE a lotion with a pump! It's so convenient.

Now the pièce de résistance, in my opinion at least, my DRY BRUSH . I got this a few years ago before my last cruise ship contract and I've just recently rediscovered it and all it's glory. Dry brushing helps to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage so you may notice a difference in your cellulite + the overall "plumpness" of your skin. Sign me up! It's also a a great exfoliator, so it's a perfect tool to use before you shower and self tan.

I notice a BIG difference when I dry brush regularly. I usually use it before I shower on dry skin OR if i forget, squeeze in a few minutes of dry brushing before bed! It's so simple and yet so impactful.

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That's it! Super simple. Not too many steps but it works! Let me know if you start dry brushing. It's my fav!

Now go out and rock the skin you're in! It's beautiful. You're beautiful!



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