• Elizabeth Casper

Short Girl Style Hack!

I am 5'3"... barely. I pranced around a good portion of my life believing that I couldn't "pull off" so many style elements because I was short. For a girl who loved fashion, this was heart breaking. It wasn't until I started to bust out my brave and experiment with clothes on my own that I realized.... all of that was FOOLISH! If there is something that sparks joy in you, and you feel like you would look like a rockstar if you could only "pull it off", then give it a try! I'm telling you, you never know. I also think that so much of the "pulling it off" has to do with your confidence. If you feel amazing, you will look amazing! Also, how you style something can really make a big impression. In the instant of a sweater dress. You can belt it to define your waistline, or you can pair it with a pair of over the knee boots to instantly elongate your legs. What you're doing with styling, is essentially telling the eye where to look.

My short girl style hack, perfect for the holidays and winter months ahead... order a Men's TALL sweater. I styled this Men's Tall from Old Navy and it's the perfect length! Save yourself some money and stock up on a look that is both comfortable and chic!

I'd love to see you rock this look! Tag me in your pics rocking your short girl sweater dress.

Love, Liz

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