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Shop with me! - Black-Owned Disney Small Shops!

I have spent the last few weeks, listening, learning, and looking inward, as I’m sure many of us have. The racial injustice that is so prevalent in our country saddens me to my core. My eyes have been opened to so many things that I could be doing better, and I want to consciously make an effort to move forward in that way.

There are few things I love in this world more than shopping. It is my happy place, my creativity and my therapy. Since shopping is such an integral part of my life, it felt like an obvious place to reflect and look at who I am buying from. I want to support more black creators and black owned shops and I am making a conscious effort to do so going forward. This seems like a small effort, but I feel that if I start here I can grow in so many other ways. If I can become more conscious of where I shop and whom I’m supporting by doing so, I can make a permanent change in my life and hopefully others as well. I believe little efforts can go along way.

Today I am combining two of my favorite things… shopping and Disney! I wanted to showcase some wonderful black owned Disney shops - and it was near to impossible not to buy every single thing I have pictured here. I cannot wait for my next Disney trip!

I have added links to each brand’s website, instagram, and to each product on their pictures!

Now let’s get to shopping!

Main Street Press Inc. @mainstreetpress

Established in a NY basement by husband and wife team Britt and Leo. They grew from basement to warehouse in FL and bring such beautiful work to the Disney style scene. The massive Disney Parks nerd in me loves how park specific their designs are and the Parc Pack is PERFECT for packing all of the necessary ears/accessories for your next Disney trip.

Also, I have been eyeing their Everest Explorer design for literally YEARS (Everest is one of my fav rides and my family and I have an obsession with Yeti things) Adding to my cart now!

Attractioneering @attractioneering

Owned by an adorable couple - Steve and Carise. These two started this business out of their one bedroom apartment and have now expanded to the beautiful thriving shop that they are now. Not only does their story inspire the entrepreneur in me, but their designs are so joyful! I love that you can bring the magic home with their mugs and glassware and also move forward in our new world in style with their awesome face masks!

Beauty and the Tee @beautyandthetee

Another adorable couple alert! Beauty and the Tee is run by Mar and Terry - they even have a couple account on instagram and it is so stinkin cute and full of magic. Follow them at @marandterry for that cuteness.

I love the unique characters and quotes that inspire their designs! The Disney + and chill sweatshirt will be coming home with me for sure.

Proceeds from their UNITED design will be donated to Black non-profit organizations and charities. You can even let them know a particular charity or organization of your liking when you order and they will send the donation there!

It's such a great design & so wonderful that you can support this small shop + help make a change in the world!

So GET TO SHOPPING! I would love to see what you get.

Tag me @theglitterwarrior when your magic mail arrives!

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