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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I LOVE birthdays! Always have, always will. I think birthdays should be treated like any national holiday, except, on that day it's all about you! We all deserve to have a day (or, let's be honest a full month) to celebrate the miracle that is our life!

Needless to say, my birthday is my favorite day! I start talking about it months in advance. Christmas ends and I feel like it's basically my birthday haha!

I came to the realization this year, that for quite a few years I have asked for things that I really need for Christmas & my birthday. All a part of being an adult. Which is great! BUT I wanted to change it up this year "treat myself" and ask for the fun things that I want!

So to start off the celebrations a little early, I'm sharing some of the things on my birthday list along with some of my favorites! I like to make a list for birthday presents just like you do for Christmas! Even as an adult. It's almost more fun now, because it turns it into a little manifestation dream list for me. The goal is not to get everything on this list in this one day, but it's to make a list of things I'm dreaming of! It's like an exercise in manifesting your dreams. PLUS I plan on treating myself to a few of these items as a Bday gift from me to me!

I have added shoppable links to all of the pictures, so you can shop right from the pics if you so choose!

So get to scrolling and let me know what you love as well!

For fun!

Chunky sneaks!

I was hestitant at first, but now I can't stop obsessing over the chunky sneaker trend! Why not be super comfy and supported while rocking a stylish look!? Found these beauties for $40!

Pens & Highlighters!

These are my FAVORITE pens & highlighters of all time and mine are wearing out! Coloring/color coding my life is one of my purest joys... hence why these two items are on the list. My last pen pack is on it's final legs, and I can always use new highlighters or markers. I love these colors!

Nail stickers!

While we're on the subject of my craftiness, I've added these nail stickers for a fun update to my at home manicures! What a fun little detail to add for some special birthday nails.

Quilted purse.

Now I have been obsessed with vintage Chanel bags recently, and while I'm not ready to take that big financial plunge, I found some SUPER quilt quilted bags from Target with a similar vibe!

Moon rings.

This may seem quite specific, but I have been loving the dainty ring trend and would love to have more in my life to add to other fingers beyond my ring finger. PLUS I love the moon! These are from etsy are just gorgeous!

Zodiac necklace!

Now I already bought this for myself, and I LOVE it! It's dainty and beautiful. What a better way to celebrate your birthday season than by wearing your sign!


Oversized Mulan Sweatshirt

It's my birthday month AND the month of the release of the new live action Mulan film. Mulan has always been my favorite princess and idol, so you betta bet I will be rocking ALL of the new Mulan merch to come! This sweatshirt to start. It looks so comfy!

Mulan Comb Handbag

I mean, nuff said. This bag is incredible!

Disney small shop Tees!

There are so many incredible small shops out there creating such unique and adorable Disney merch! I follow so many on instagram and am always taken aback by their creativity. i want em all

The Force is strong

Why yes. Yes it is. And I LOVE this flannel. Star Wars is life.

ALL the baby Yoda merch!

Olu Merch!

I fell in love with this adorable turtle when we were at Aulani for our honeymoon, and I need more of him in my life! I love the Duffy and friends march, and I am kicking myself for not getting more when we were in Hawaii! I'm very into the plush key chain trend and would love to add this little beauty to my daily bag.


Incredible art print by Brandelane!

Disney Art!

We fill our house with all sorts of magical nerviness and I want to bring some new things in. These prints are PERFECT and absolutely stunning!

Spaceship Earth planter.

I have loved these for years, and now that we have all sorts of plants in our home it would be so fun to add a little Disney to our lil forest! Plus Spaceship Earth is my favorite Disney ride. What a great way to bring the Disney magic home.



Moon juice is just the best! I love their Moon Dusts, but these two supplements in particular are my absolute favorite! A bit of an investment, but so worth it. The Super You truly does make a huge difference in my stress & anxiety when I take it regularly, and the Super Hair is the only hair growth supplement I've ever loved. It helped me grow my hair for my wedding AND also aided in helping anxiety as well.

Target workout set!

I always feel more motivated to workout when I have a cute wokrout set to do it in! I love this color AND the price! The material is super soft. Reminds me of the Avocado brand leggings. (these may already be in the mail from a very special someone aka my darling mother!)

New Asics.

These are the Gel Kayanos and my absolutely favorite run-in shoes. I have been running in Asics ever since I got serious by running and this model by far is my favorite. Amazon has the best prices and, lil tip, if you go for the slightly older model of the same shoe (this is 25 rather than the more current 26/27) you can get them for a far better price! Even certain colors can be marked down! It's worth a look on Amazon.


Now I have wanted these beauties for YEARS! I was inspired by all of the Tone it Up girls who started wearing them and have wanted a pair ever since. This year was the year I finally asked for them and I cannot WAIT to put them to use. I mean how cute?! AND they're rose gold! EEH!

I hope that you guys enjoyed! I had a BLAST putting this one together! I love shopping & finding deals. Let me know if this is something that you would like to see more of!



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