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Our Prohibition Era Bridal Shower

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Ever since I was in high school and was required to read The Great Gatsby, I have been in love with that era. I have since read the book multiple times, written multiple papers on the brilliance of Daisy Buchanan, and been endlessly inspired by the text, the fashion, the decor, it all just speaks to the whimsy in me.

With so many events to plan leading up to our wedding, I wanted to include a little bit of the prohibition style in there somewhere. I mentioned it to my mother, and off she went to create the most magical bridal shower!

It all started with a vibe. There is a scene in the beginning of the most recent Great Gatsby movie that I am just obsessed with. It's the first time we see Daisy Buchanan and she is in their open air parlor draped over a couch in the most fabulous dress with billowing curtains all around. I mentioned the scene to my mom while talking about plans and she immediately knew how to capture that feeling. She's freaking awesome! Any bit of DIY creativity I have is from her.

You can see how she brought the indoors out, to give you a bit of that prohibition vibe. Curtains and lace everywhere. It was magical!

My mom even busted out her antique Libbey Glass punch bowl and glasses which added the perfect bit of detail. We found this art deco champagne glass at the Libbey Factory Outlet in my hometown for $3 ! If you're ever in Toledo Ohio, aka the Glass City, stop by the Libbey Outlet downtown! You will find all sorts of crazy deals on glass!

Now for my outfit... aka my favorite part of planning any event! My dress is from The Jenny Yoo Collection. I ordered their "Ari" dress in winter white. I ordered it double lined, since I know that white chiffon lining can be a bit see through. It was perfect! I hemmed it midi length and I felt absolutely stunning in it all day.

Now my absolute favorite part was my headpiece. I was looking into doing something fun with my hair, and while researching on pinterest came across a picture of an old hollywood movie star in a star headpiece. I went immediately to etsy and was pleasantly surprised at how many I found! This one, however, was my absolute favorite. Beautiful and affordable. I love a good DIY, and this artist makes these headpieces out of zip ties! How creative! The shop owner was so wonderful and so helpful even when there was a little snafu with shipping. Highly recommend!

Shoes were from Rachel Simpson, also went perfectly along with the art deco vibe! These are the "Hermione" style. I've linked a similar pair here. Honestly, super comfortable and fabulous!

All in all it was a magical magical celebration with so many friends and family! Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful and frustrating at times, but its little moments like this that really show what is important. My mother, her friends, and my aunts threw us the most perfect bridal shower and I feel so lucky to have had that time surrounded by our loved ones.

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