• Elizabeth Casper

"Oh Mickey you.....a small town girl!"

I am the "small down girl", a Disney loving princess, a classic fashionista, a midwesterner, a New Yorker, a blogger... and so much more. We all have so many facets to our personalities and I think it's so beautiful to express ALL of them through fashion.

A friend asked to describe my style in 3 words, and that was SO hard for me! My style has always been so expansive because I love fashion at its core. It can be such a beautiful form of self expression and also a history lesson, I love to try it all.

It’s hard to put into words, but this look really felt like my essence in a way lol. Lil Mickey, lil rocker, lil princess, lil warrior 💕 It helps that these boots are from the show I did that changed my life (a story for another post ;)) But I sometimes have a hard time embracing all there is that is me because I don’t just fit in one box. My theatre background taught me that I needed to know my "type" But I've never felt like I was just one thing. And you know what, now, I think that’s beautiful! I am embracing all that I am. We shouldn’t have to fit into any type of boxes! Just be your magical unique unicorn selves!



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