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NYE looks you already have hiding in your closet!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It's the start of a new year! Heck, it's the start of a new decade! I have ALWAYS loved New Years Eve. Not for the crazy parties, but mainly for the excuse to wear something fabulous and most likely covered in sparkles. Even if it's a year where we stay in and marathon movies (like Robby and I did last year) I like to add a little something special to my wardrobe for the night. I love an excuse to dress up and this time of year is a major celebration, so why not!

Since we're so close to the holiday itself, I decided to take a look in the ole closet to see what I already had on hand that I could dress up for the big night. Rather than rushing around and trying to find something perfect to purchase, why not re-work something fabulous that you most likely already have in your closet. Save a bit of money, get your creativity flowing, and feel fab to ring in the new year!

I'm going to start with my personal favorite.... SPARKLES!

Now I know it could possibly just be me, but I assume that most people have some sort of sparkly something or other in their wardrobe! What better way to feel instantly fab than with a little........or a LOT, of sparkle! Even if it's just a little something. Some part of your body should SPARKLE to celebrate the occasion!

Bust out that sparkly camisole, tuck it into a pair of high waisted jeans, throw on some booties, and a leather jacket or cardigan and BOOM! You're shining into the new year. OR dress in all black and top with a sparkly hat! OR go full on and don your best sequin dress. I found the one above at Target after the holiday season last year. It was marked down to $11. (* Side note * This could be the perfect time to stock up your wardrobe for next year's holiday season! Such great sales happen on New Year's Day!)

Next up... VELVET!

Velvet is SO trendy and I am so into it! Since it has been so popular in the fashion world for a few years now, I have a feeling you may have a little velvet something in your closet! Such a fun, and also comfy, fabric that can be quite versatile. Instantly adds some chic to your look.

I had all of my bridesmaids + men in velvet for our wedding and they all looked FAB! I know that a few have already been able to repurpose their dress/jacket for the holiday season.

This could be a great opportunity for a velvet dress topped with a leather jacket, because a leather jacket instantly makes any outfit cool! Or a velvet camisole tucked into high waist pants or a skirt. Or heck, a pair of velvet leggings or pants paired with a classic black turtle neck and you are instant fashion!

This little slip number is a little more party party, and I love it! Perfect for the holiday. Purchased from SHEIN 3 years ago for my birthday, and still going strong!

It's time.... to bust out that bridesmaid's dress!

Now for this one, I'm going to need you to get a little creative with me. Now a days, thank goodness, bridesmaids dresses can be quite fab! I have quite a few myself that I have hemmed calf or midi length and feel totally gorgeous in. Like this little number from Jenny Yoo! This is a satin back crepe dress. Very festive and feels oh so lux. I hemmed it midi for more a slip-like look, added a leather jacket, and voila! Instant glam.. but not TOO glam!Bust out your sewing machine and give it a quick zip! Or if you don't have a sewing machine or the skill, stick witchery is wonderful! It allows you to stick two layers of fabric together to create a quick hem. Super easy!

Going into this new year, I want to feel my absolute best, and to start out the year on the best note possible. Possibly adding up debt by splurging on a fancy dress for the evening may not be the best way to start the decade. We are manifesting abundance for 2020, so gratitude for what we already have is huge! Take a look and truly appreciate what you already have! Find a way to dress it up and elevate your own closet.

I want to see what your wearing for New Years Eve! Tag me in your magical sparkly pics @theglitterwarrior

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