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My ultimate bargain shopping tips !

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Shopping my closet! Jacket: Mom's from the 80's! Dress: 70% sale from Express!

For me shopping is all about the hunt!We know we're going to find a treasure. We don't know exactly what it's going to be, but it's going to be magic! It's inherent in our nature to search for the prize. Whether it's that great pair of shoes or the man of your dreams, we're constantly searching. Finding that item you've wanted for weeks on sale can certainly feel like the ultimate win!

Sweater: $15 Primark Flannel: $12 Old Navy black Friday sale Skirt: $10 Forever21 Hat: $2 Gabe's OTK Boots: $15 Gabe's

I love to shop at stores that encourage the search like TJ Maxx, thrift shops, or my all time favorite Gabe's. For those of you not from the midwest, Gabe's is a mecca for all sorts of sale items. It can be messy but man do I find some amazing deals! After years of bargain shopping and mentoring under masters like my mother and my aunts, I've put together some useful tips for those who do not have the bargain hunting in their blood.

Be open minded. When shopping at places like Gabe's, Forever21, and Tj Maxx can be overwhelming, allow yourself to get creative. The shear volume of different items could easily send your brain into a tizzy, but instead of letting it hinder you allow yourself to take your time. Take a stroll through the aisle. Pick up things that you wouldn't normally go for. Think of your closet and interesting ways to pair these pieces with what you already have. Sometimes that crazy red dress that you never would have picked up if it wasn't $5 can become your favorite piece! I say this, because it's happened to me many times.

Patience is key! Whether you are searching for something random that sparks your fancy, or that one specific item that you have been dying for for weeks.... be patient. It can be so incredibly hard at times. Trust me. I have been known to just throw an item into my cart because I WANTED IT SO BADLY, only to find out the following week that it went on major sale. I tend to wait until the end of the season to purchase a lot of things because that's when you'll find the biggest discounts. Then come next spring or fall, I have a basically new and exciting piece that was only half the price. Hallelujah.

Shop your own closet. Get creative. I tend to do a closet/ dresser purge seasonally, and some times in between! It is great to get a fresh start, clear out the clutter, and make space for your wardrobe. I often find items that I forgot about because I can actually SEE them. Oftentimes I see things in a new light. I get creative with outfits and tie a t-shirt around the top of an old dress with new pair of shoes and some jewelry and TADA, closet reinvented! And I didn't spend a dime. I often like to turn to social media for inspiration. I'm a HUGE pinterest fan so I will type in something along the lines of "fall style". While I scroll through and notice images and outfits that I really like, I try to put a similar outfit together with the clothes I already have. It's fun to get creative and achieve a look I feel great about.

One piece at a time. I would love to invest in a very well fitting and sustainable wardrobe, but I don't always have the funds to make that work. Especially while living in a crazy expensive city like New York. I have started to fill my closet with those staple pieces by good brands one at a time. I wait until they go on sale and snag up that really nice leather jacket for half the price. Having that nice piece will make you feel great AND look great. You can then pair it with the other bargain items that you have in your closet and elevate your look entirely!

I had been looking at this dress at Free People for months, until it finally went on sale right before New Years Eve for $30 !

It's pretty simple. It's all about getting creative, enjoying the hunt, and appreciating what you already have! You don't have to put yourself in debt to look like a fashionista!

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