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My fitness journey.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Fitness and nutrition is what inspired me to dip a toe into the world of social media in the first place, so I thought that I would share a look into the path that lead where I am now!

I have realized through a very round about journey over the years, that it is not all about esthetic. It’s about how you FEEL. I want to have energy, for my gut to feel calm, and to feel strong in my day to day life. Fitness and nutrition have been a massive part of that, and yea, when you invest in yourself from the inside out the outside is going to look different. And there is NO SHAME in that! Let’s all work on lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down.

“Let’s start from the very beginning…. A very good place to start.” I hope that you were all singing that in your heads. Sound of Music fans!? Eh!? Musical theatre jokes aside, I really feel like my fitness journey truly started once I hit college. I danced, cheered, and played basketball growing up, but other than that new very little about fitness. There was a point in high school where I did 100 crunches every morning, but that’s just because I wanted abs and the only workout move I truly new was a crunch LOL!

After my freshman year of college I was cast in my first professional production. I was going on tour with the musical Grease! I was the youngest by far, so I felt the pressure to show up and show that I could operate on the same level as all the cool kids around me! I looked up to them and learned so much from them all and I am forever grateful for the experience. This was my first venture into a paying theatre gig, so I truly had no idea what to expect. So in comes the beginning of my battle towards finding a fulfilling fitness routine. Turns out that the company I was working for, and the majority of the other performing companies I have worked for since, have monthly weigh ins. Wait…. What!?! Yep. You stand on a scale with your costumer and they keep track of the number throughout your contract. This was a completely foreign idea to me and instantly made me rethink the whole “ I don’t workout” thing. Knowing that that number was going to mean something, I made an attempt to “get fit” And by that I mean, I attempted to join everyone else doing Insanity because I had no idea how to workout. Now, some people love it. I am not knocking it in any way, but MAN did I hate it. This girl with exercise induced asthma trying to do a whole bunch of crazy HIIT workouts without ever having really worked out before…. yea no. Disaster. Sadly it kept up the whole “working out sucks” feeling in my brain for quite a while.

Fast forward post tour and I was auditioning for Rock of Ages. This show is loud and raunchy and I was PUMPED! The first time I saw the show, the main character came out and I thought…. that’s me. Needless to say I thought I was PERFECT for it, so went into the dance call in my new sports bra and shorts from forever21 confident as ever. Only to walk in and see about 25 TALL, skinny, muscular, stunning women dressed in lingerie. I felt like such an outcast. I could never look like them! How in the world was I supposed to compete. I felt so incredibly defeated.

I got back home from tour, ready to start my junior year of college. Battling anxiety and depression, I started to run. Now, at this time, this was an absolutely CRAZY thought. I mentioned earlier that I have exercise induced asthma, so running was always incredibly difficult for me. It seemed rather impossible actually. I just couldn’t breathe. I specifically remember the day I started. I had had an awful day, feeling just terrible about myself so I put on workout clothes and just left my house. I started running and made it about two blocks. But I wasn’t ready to give up so I walked until I caught my breath and ran for about another two blocks before my throat felt like it was going to catch on fire. I got back home feeling a mix of annoyed and determined. I kept this up everyday for a few weeks and then started to absolutely LOVE it. My running time was my me time. My time with my music and my body pushing past boundaries I never thought I could.

Now that I actually enjoyed running I wanted to delve into fitness more! I like the way I felt after a run and I weirdly felt like I could handle more. At the time that meant going to the gym twice a day and switching between running on the track, the ellyptical ,or stationary bike. Though I was still frustrated and not seeing “results” DUH. I was surviving off of oatmeal, peanut butter, and ramen like your typical college student. I was hungry and sad and did not feel “skinny”.

Luckily I discovered Tone it Up! I was on tour again with Hair and was told I was cast in the “sexy track” Oh boy. Not feeling sexy or even comfortable in my own skin, I knew that I needed to invest more in my body. I found Karena and Katrina scrolling through instagram one day and I was so excited! These women were of course beautiful, but they looked so strong, fit, and athletic. Bodies that looked amazing and achievable. I checked out the website and was instantly hooked! I started adding the toning workouts to my daily running routine. I was too scared to pick up weights at the gym in front of other people, so I would do them in my hotel room with water bottles! Even with that being said, my waistline shrank and I started to notice MUSCLES. I had more energy and I felt great! Tone it Up was THE game changer for me. As time went on, I got braver and picked up some weights and tried all of the tone it up workouts. Once I finally took the plunge and delved into their nutrition plan as well (thanks mom!) everything changed. I started to really love my body. I realized what it meant to take care of yourself. To become strong and nourish your body.

Bringing it back around to that Rock of Ages. (It’s funny how I can pinpoint each major change back to a show!) I was still SO in love with this show and now that I was feeling confident in my body I went in again. This time…. I GOT CAST! I was honestly shocked and SO freaking excited. It just goes to show that when you feel good, the people around you feel it too! (I met my fiancé on that contract!) You glow from the inside out. When you take care of yourself, anything is possible!

Now here we are today, still journeying and still learning. It’s a constant experiment and I am loving it. I love to workout, I love to cook healthy meals, and all around I have found such a passion for wellness. I hope that you too take a moment to look inward and see where you can invest in yourself more and just do it! You are SO capable and it is so worth it to just get started. I love you all.

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