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My Spring Loungewear Picks!

It's here. I've done it. My very own loungewear lineup! I know that everyone has been posting about their favorite loungewear for these WFH days, but I thought it would be quite fun to put my own little magical & affordable spin on it! I have grouped them together, because ya’ll know I LOVE a theme, to make your shopping a little more organized. Click on any of the photos below to shop.

Let me know what you like the best!


Oh yes. Disney has gotten in on this loungewear trend too! I’ve been eyeing their tie dye sweats before everything went done. There is a TON of adorable loungewear on the Disney Store site & beyond. I’ve already shared some go my favorites, but here’s a round up of a ton more that I found!


Now I love this tie dye trend. It is so light and perfect for spring into summer! Tie dye always makes me think of summer days as a kid. Which had me thinking, how easy would it be to tie dye at home?? Take an old sweatshirt and sweatpants and dye them with whatever colors you have on hadn’t or bleach! Thinking I may do a bleach tie dye DIY post! Anyone interested? It’s so easy and trendy!

ANYWAY, the tie dye trend is super cute and makes me quite happy. Below are some of my favorite pieces I've found!

Pastels & Neutrals

What screams springtime more than pastels?!?! Nothing. Nothing I say! What a sweet little change up to your traditional dark athletic sweat suit. Here are some super sweet pastel options that you could easily mix/match with many of the ones above!

Sassy Animal Prints!

I love a good cheetah print as much as the next person. In FACT, I’ve been wearing my favorite cheetah print loungewear set since my honeymoon, so I guess I was ahead of the trend! I have gotten so much use out of that set together and in more street style looks as well! Here is a round up of some fun printed pieces to shake things up!


What’s fun is that you can switch all of these up and wear them together. A pair of tie dye sweatpants paired with a pastel sweatshirt, or a pastel top with snakeskin pants. Perfect to mix and match!

This Thursday, I’m going to share some ways to style your loungewear out in the real world! Might as well invest in some super comfy cute pieces to wear at home now, KNOWING that you can get use out of them once things are a bit different. Tune into @theglitterwarrior IGTV on Thursday for a lil style video.

Love you ALL! Thanks for reading!

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