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Intentions for my 29th year!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

29! The last year in my twenties! I felt like I grew SO much last year! It was not the easiest year, but it was incredible! I got married to my best friend and the love of my life. I did a lot of growing in the time leading up to our wedding and even after. With all that I learned last year, I feel like I am in a very good place to enter this new year of mine. I wanted to pull from that time and entice myself to learn more. I want to go into this new year of my life with a clear vision and sound footing on who I am and who I want to grow to be. So I treated it much as you would a new calendar year and settled in to write intentions and created a vision board for my year ahead.

I like this idea of setting intentions for your own personal year on your birthday and I think I may try and keep this up as a yearly tradition. This year it's very simple and I wanted to share with you what I'm focusing on.

My intentions:

1. Use the FORCE

This was also one of my New Year's intentions as well. The inspiration came from the most recent Star Wars movie and Rey's incredible work to connect to the force. I want that in my own way in my own life. This past year I went on a ride with meditation. Sometimes it was that driving force to my day, and others it was easily brushed off and not prioritized. This year I want to commit to a meditation & yoga practice. To really take the time to disconnect from the outward world and connect within.

2. Be steadfast in the work towards my dreams.

This sounds like a very generic intention, but it's not. I have gotten a lot clearer on what I want out of life in the past year and where I'm lacking is my consistent commitment to the work to achieve my dreams. And this can go right along with using the force! I know that meditation and grounding can really help me stay clear, energized, and focused!

3. Invest in my body & my health.

This is something that is a consistent intention in my life, but I want to get to a place where I no longer make excuses. Where my health and my body are #1 over cravings and peer pressure. I know how good I feel when I put my heart & health first and I only want that to grow! Getting back to my early morning workouts and meal prep is #1 on this particular list.

4. Family is everything. Make time, live in the moment, and cherish it!

Having our wedding last fall really brought family to the forefront of my mind. Having all of our loved ones in that one place and time was such a blessing. I have recently felt that I can get so caught up at where I'm at in life, what I'm working towards, or what I don't have that I don't cherish the wonderful moments I do have. Time with my loved ones and family is the most important and enriching thing in my life. I want to make that priority and really allow myself to disconnect from anything else and connect to them in the moment.

Sitting here reminiscing on the last year and getting VERY excited for the year ahead. I think sitting down and simplifying your intentions can be such a great exercise anytime! Anytime I feel overwhelmed or like I'm lacking clarity, I can sit down and boil down my priorities to what really matters to me. I feel like I have been able to look inside and see where I truly desire to grow and change. NOW I've got my glue stick out and ready and can't wait to create a new vision board! Look out for a preview on my instagram once I've finished.

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