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How to ease into a healthy lifestyle

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Ladies and gents, let me rock your world.... living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard! The most difficult part, is making the decision yourself. Making the conscience choice to treat your body well inside and out!

I know that for a lot of us with busy schedules, eating well seems like such a hassle. Or on the other hand, it can seem so boring. Well, let me change your life and say it doesn't have to be! Over the years I have realized how much better I feel and function when I fuel my body with whole and healthy foods. I avoid the quick fix lunches when I can and invest a few hours at the beginning of my week to set myself up for success. It's not even just about physical aesthetic here (which can be a nice plus to living a healthy and active lifestyle), it's about feeling good and functioning at my best. When I treat my body well, I have more energy, less aches and pains, and therefore less set backs on achieving my goals and dreams. SO here are a few of my tips to ease yourself into that healthy lifestyle.

Make the decision for YOU. Not for anyone else. Your body. Your life.

Make the decision. And stick to it. Tell your friends about it. Hold yourself accountable to your decisions. It's not a punishment in any way. Investing in this body that we have is so worth it! It's our one vessel for our time here. Saying no to that Oreo is not depriving yourself. In fact, to me, it is the opposite! It is choosing to invest ingredients that help you to THRIVE! Now I don't mean, don't ever indulge in an ice cream sunday ever again. That's not what I'm about. You've gotta experience the deliciousness of life! But to be honest with you, once I started consistently choosing to fill my body with clean eats I stopped craving those fried indulgences. It's true. Once you start feeling good and feel how your body operates with good fuel, you won't desire the super saturated over processed foods. Your body will start to crave what it needs. AND you will see the added benefits. I bet you will start to see a massive change in your skin, hair, and gut health. Less stomach aches and more glowy skin.... sign me up!

Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep!. I know I know, EVERYONE talks about this, but it is HUGE! If you take an hour or two (or four depending on how fancy you want to be) at the start of your week to cook and prep for the days ahead, you are SO much more likely to find success. Even if you are a clean eating pro, meal prep can truly make or break! I know that if I have food ready made, I am FAR less likely to spend my money on food outside of the home. Good for the bod AND for the wallet. When I know that I have delicious food to come home to, I make far better decisions. I have a blog post detailing my meal prep tips here.

Remove those enticing treats. Just do it. I know that I cannot have a bag of chips in my house, no matter how big, and not finish the entire thing in one sitting. Even fancy "healthy" tortilla chips. Can't do it. So I try to remove those from my pantry shelves and add them to my shopping cart only on occasion. Keep your fridge and pantry stocked with only the best and clean ingredients. Then when you want to indulge, you have only the best foods to work with! Over the past few years I have become fascinated with finding ways to create my favorite "treats" with the most clean ingredients. It can be so fun to get creative and you can actually make delicious dishes that don't leave you feeling sluggish and sad. In fact, they will make you feel quite the opposite! Take a look at what you're putting in your body and make the decision to make that clean clean clean!

Schedule in that morning workout. If you need to start off slow, that's great! Just START. Make the decision to get up and get active. I find that I am MUCH more likely to get in a workout if I do it right after I wake up. (Blog post on becoming a morning person coming soon!) Start with just a 25 minute walk or quick 15 minute yoga flow. Not only will it get your blood pumping and get your energy going, it will set your mind right. You absolutely can do it. It feels so tough for a while, but once it is routine you'll begin to crave it. If you start your day doing something good for you, you will be SO much more likely to make better decisions for yourself throughout the rest of the day.

Find an accountability buddy! I am happy to volunteer as tribute! Having a community of like minded people behind you can make ALL the difference in the world. Even just ONE person to be by your side and hold you accountable. It can be so difficult to be surrounded by people without the same lifestyle. I know. I have tried to push my healthy lifestyle on everyone around me so that I'm not tempted to make decisions that won't serve me. In the end, everyone around you is not going to change unless they want to, but having at least that one person that you can reach out to for backup or motivation will make this journey so much easier.

That healthy lifestyle is truly right at your fingertips. Give yourself credit for where you are right now! It is not as hard as you make it seem in your head. I promise. I've been there and I'm still learning everyday. It's a lifestyle change. It's big! But you can do it and I'm cheering you on and am happy to share what I'm learning to help along the way.

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