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How I prioritize clean eating while still having a social life.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

You've made the wonderful and massive lifestyle shift to be healthy and happy and YOU feel great! What would be really great, would be if everyone around you could make the same change and make the same choices. BUT that's not always realistic. So it's all about navigating those social situations in a kind and precise way to benefit YOU and your lifestyle, without insulting anyone else! This is something I am VERY passionate about and have spent years pin pointing what helps me. I've laid out some of those below!

Fuel up! Start your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast! I have found that breakfast is one of the easiest meals to plan for when traveling. I can use a lot of my own items ie: matcha, collagen, protein powder... This way, I start my day feeling satisfied and full of food that make me feel my best! I've already set up my day for success regardless of the outlying factors that could influence later in the day.

BYOHF: Bring Your Own Healthy Food! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!! To make the salad! Whenever I'm going to a family gathering or a party hosted by someone else, I will always volunteer to bring a veggie dish! This way I go in knowing there there is something nutritious and delicious to eat! Often times, I will fill 90% of my plate with my own dish, but hey! I'm still there and I enjoying myself, but not compromising my nutrition.

ALL about them veggies. Anything green... it's on my plate! At any holiday, barbecue, house party, etc I will fill my plate 75% with clean veggies. (Sorry. The ones covered in cheese don't count) Whether that's a salad, grilled peppers, broccoli, or green beans, I heap those suckers on my lil plate! This allows me to feel full and satisfied so I don't over indulge in something I don't really even like.

Pick your poison. Not literally. ( I have been trying to not use negative words when talking about food, but it just worked!) Since really cleaning up my food intake years ago, my tummy has turned quite sensitive. Any little fried thing or sugary dish can really set my gut off and have me bloated for days. BUT ya gotta live ya life! What I have found that works best for me is making conscious decisions on what I want to "treat" myself with. For example: French fries are my ultimate food (really potatoes in any form) and mac and cheer is eh at best for me personally. Knowing that either would upset my stomach, but that the flavor of french fries brings me such joy, I'd choose the french fries! So often it's easy to get caught up in the "well I already had that "bad" thing, so I might as well have the other" mentality. But why over indulge in something you don't actually love?? When you CAN have that famous chocolate chip cookie that you only get at family parties, AND a dinner plate full of nutrient dense veggies #balance

Most importantly... enjoy yourself! Food is fuel, not the enemy! Do your best to fuel your body well and enjoy the little indulgences in life. Don't take it too seriously or you won't have fun at all. The more you make healthy choices a priority, the more it will become a habit. It will stop seeming so daunting and just becomes second nature after a while. Give yourself some grace and just give it your best shot!

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