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Honeymoon Part 1: LA + Disney magic!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We did it! We got MARRIED! It was truly indescribable and the absolute greatest most magical day of our lives. More to come on that later.... for now we're onto the Honeymoon!

I did not originally plan to split this into multiple posts, but once I started writing I realized we had so many adventures and I got so excited to share all of the fun details with you!

To start off, deciding where to have go for our honeymoon was honestly a real challenge. While Disney may seem like our obvious choice, we wanted to expand our horizons a bit. There are so many places that we want to visit together, so we started with that list. Tokyo and New Zealand were #1 and #2, Aulani if we couldn't swing either of those. It also got a bit tricky, because we're both actors and never know for sure when a job will come up. We wanted to wait until the latest possible moment to plan our trip, in case we needed to plan around a gig. Once it got a little closer and we knew that we would both be in town, we bought plane tickets out to California knowing that we wanted to head somewhere on that side of the world! And luckily, that meant that we could spend at least one day at Disneyland! Which was perfect, since Robby had yet to experience Galaxy's Edge! Star Wars is our love language.

Coming from the East Coast to the West coast is always such a treat because you gain 3 hours! We left NY around 10am and landed in LA around noon! Since we had so much extra time, I wanted to take Robby down to Venice and show him all of my favorite places! And also selfishly wanted to pick up my favorite supplements and clean treats and bask in the glory of some of my favorite brands! We hit up Cafe Gratitude for the most incredible Vegan lunch. They were even so kind as to gift us a dessert as congratulations on our new marriage. It was THE most delicious coconut ice cream and caramel sauce known to man kind. I was so tickled to then be able to then head into my favorite stores and try some new supplements and treats! Cha Cha Matcha's vegan soft serve was delectable! We also stopped at Moon Juice and Four Sigmatic... I came home with lots of my fav treats.

Then it was time to head to check in at Disney! Staying at the Disneyland hotel is always a treat! It feels so fancy and so very Walt. Since the decor is very old school, it feels like you're stepping back into the first days of Disneyland. Having the ability to walk to the parks is also a HUGE plus! That is one major thing that Disneyland has over Disney World. It's much more quaint and accessible, which makes it seem like the magic is just right in your back yard.

It was truly just by a magical happenstance that our Honeymoon overlapped with a Halloween party at the park! Ever since Robby and I first met, and discovered our shared love of all things Disney, we have talked about how badly we wanted to go to a Disney Halloween party. Sadly, we realized too late and tickets had already sold out. We were SO bummed! BUT I took to the internet and researched to see if there was another way to get tickets. I came across a few posts that said that the onsite hotels may have tickets available for sale day of. The front desk opened at 6am for ticket sales and since I was still on East coast time anyway, I was up at 5am. I assumed there would be a large line, but there was just a handful of other women waiting to score tickets for their families and not much of a line. (I will say I was not the only one getting tickets JUST for adults ha! There was another few couples without kids there as well!) I was able to snag 3 tickets easy! YAY! So there's a little *PRO TIP* The Disney on site hotels receive a handful of tickets day of the holiday parties to sell. They are shared between all 3 hotels and are for guests of the hotels only. I was worried that they would have a VERY limited number of tickets and attempted to start a line to make sure that they were distributed fairly, but I was the 3rd to head up to the counter and they said that they had PLENTY. I heard the number 150 thrown out there. I would still recommend getting there early just in case, but know that it is definitely a possibility if you weren't able to score tickets beforehand.

Having gotten our tickets for the Oogie Boogie Bash, we headed into the Disneyland first thing to spend as much time in Galaxy's Edge as possible. Seeing Robby's reaction to walking onto a different planet for the first time was so special. We landed on Batuu and did it ALL! Starting with creating our own custom ligthsabers. This experience is a higher price point, but I will say it is 1 billion percent worth it! I don't want to give too much away, because the experience in the moment is just too cool. I cried. Obviously.

Green milk!

Our lightsabers in tow, we set out to explore. My favorite area in Galxy's Edge is the marketplace. The design is just so incredible. It looks so lived in and real and I want to buy ALL of the cool games and trinkets.

We wanted to try all of the alien delicacies as well, so we got to it! We tried green milk which was good but quite sweet and the new chocolate popcorn with red Crait salt. This is a major reason why I am so passionate about Disney and the experience at the parks. What a cool little detail to include for the fans. For those of you that don't know, Crait is the planet where they have the big battle that kicks up all of the red dust at the end of The Last Jedi. Disney just makes it all real! They allow you to step into the fantasy world of your dreams and work hard on every little detail to make it as believable as possible. P.s. the popcorn was yummy!

Our next stop was the cantina!This is an adult Star Wars fan's dream! We had gotten our reservations 2 weeks prior when they went live. I believe that you can now get them earlier, and know that they do release some same day at 7am as well. I highly recommend getting reservations as soon as you can! It gaurantees that you get to hit all of your desires during your precious time at the parks. Oga's Cantina is quite small, and basically just a space bar. It smells like a bar, feels like a bar, sounds like a bar..... on another planet! How cool is that. To be honest, the drinks are ok. All of the cocktails are VERY sweet so if that's not your thing, I would recommend giving the beers a try. They were delicious! We also tried the new charcuterie board, cuz duh! It was pretty decent, but would definitely recommend eating before you head into the Cantina.

Our last stop was to make a droid! This is essentially build a bear... for droids. You get to pick out your preferred colors and bring them back to an assembly station for a cast member to help you put together. This experience was cute, but definitely not as involved or individualized as the lightsaber experience. Still quite cool and now we have our very own functioning droid. It's basically our pet, which is perfect for this girl who has all the allergies!

Then that evening we were off to the Oogie Boogie Bash. We were SO excited and I will tell you it did not dissappoint! We had an absolute blast! Especially as two almost 30 year old adults! Our inner kids came out to prance around the park from treat trail to treat trail and our bags were FILLED with snacks and candy. We watched the parade and ogled at the villains hanging around. The most magical part, in my opinion was Villain's Grove. We went through it 3 times! It was one of the most wonderful and creatively artistic things I have seen the Disney Parks do! It's honestly quite hard to put into words. It was a combination of music, animation, and lights throughout what is normally the Wilderness Explorers trail. Each area that you entered was themed to a different villain who was expressed through the music playing and animation on the pieces of nature. It was all about feel and atmosphere. This is the kind of art that excites me, and to see it at a Disney Park of all places was so cool! It felt very adult almost. Very smart and just absolutely stunning.

Photo taken right outside of Villain's Grove, my fav!

Heading out we caught the first "Villanious" World of Color show, and then the second from our window at the Paradise Pier hotel! It was magic. I think a lot of people dismiss this hotel, but the proximity and potential for park views has put it right at the top of my list now! We were able to wake up the next morning before departing and watch the sun rise over California Adventure. It was so incredibly special.

Now, all of that was just in 1 day and a half! We packed a LOT in, but it was so worth it. We were exhausted from all of the wedding festivities but so energized and excited at the same time. And then ........ the next adventure began! Off to Aulani we go!

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