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Holiday Traveler Gift Guide with GABE'S!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The holidays are here and that means that it's time for LOTS of travel! Spending years working on the road and the high seas, I've picked up lots of little insider tips, must haves, necessities, plus things that I now know can help make travel all the more enjoyable and luxurious. I've got it down to a bit of a science and I want to let you in on my secrets!

Gabe's is my favorite place to shop for just about anything. Let's be real, Gabe's is basically my favorite place. They have EVERYTHING! And often times, things that you don't even know that you needed. When shopping at Gabe's, you have to just let what you need come to you. It's this magical mystical place and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find, and with the incredible prices!

I made a list of my favorite travel essentials and headed in to Gabe's to see what they had for me!

First off a good backpack! This is a must for me. Walking around for hours at an airport, a shoulder bag can become really painful. That's why I like to travel with a backpack. Lots of storage and it helps balance the weight to make it easier on your back. It doesn't hurt if it's cute too! I found this SUPER cute brown faux leather one for $26.99. Lots of pockets and durable. Plus it's vegan which is a great perk!

Next up, what to fill the backpack with??

  • Water bottle! A must have to stay hydrated during long days on the road or on a plane. This copper one I found could also double as a coffee mug. So cute and will help to stay low waste on your trip! And it was only $2.99

  • Skincare! have really started to take advantage of travel time to add to my skincare regimen. You spend hours in a car or on a plane, why not take that time to do a mask and relax! (If I am taking a long trip, I usually travel with little to no makeup on and do my makeup before we land! This gives my skin a little break) And again, it's so important to stay hydrated. This goes for the skin as well! I found this little Laura Ashley skincare bag + travel set ($4.99), dark circle eye mask treatment ($2.99), and a lavender eye mask ($4.99) So helpful for relaxation. I'll usually throw in some of my favorite makeup wipes, chapstick, and a rosewater mist as well!

  • Slippers! Or warm slipper socks. To add to your massive relaxation, you've gotta kick your shoes off! You don't actually HAVE to, but if I'm on a super long flight, my feet get a bit puffy and uncomfortable in my shoes. I started bringing slipper socks to replace them with something warm and cozy. (Compression socks are also great for this!) Little slippers are also so nice to have when you get to your destination! Easy to pack and warm for those chilly mornings/evenings around your house or hotel room. I found this cute ivory velvet pair for $4.99.

  • 4. Snacks! Duh. Always have to have travel snacks just in case you get hungry, which I do... all the time! Gabe's has tons of snacks and goodies to snag in the checkout line! I like to keep it clean and healthy, so I was pumped when I found these little bags of shelled pistachios and beef jerky.

  • 5.Cute travel outfit, duh! I obviously am a lover of fashion and dressing on theme, so I would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity for a cute travel #OOTD I love that tracksuits and matching sets are in style right now! I found this one of $9.99! SUPER cozy and I love the light blue polka dots. It's technically a pajama set, BUT paired with a leather jacket, sneaks, and a baseball cap you'd never know! Plus, since it doubles as pajamas, so it'll help lighten your packing!

So now, you're ready to jet! Or gift. I'm sure that the traveler in your life would be so pleased and impressed to see any of these under the tree! If you want more travel tips, feel free to reach out to me! I have years of experience under my belt and love to share what I've learned.

I am so excited to work with Gabe's and I am so grateful to have worked with them on this post! I am so happy to get to spread the word about my favorite store.

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