• Elizabeth Casper

Getting Love Shack Fancy!

This dress truly inspires my inner Giselle, and it came to me as if by magic. Truly! I had been hoping and dreaming of getting my hands on a dress from the Target Love Shack Fancy collar, and when I found that the stores in my area would not be carrying the line my heart sank. BUT a week or so later I walked into Target (wearing a mask btw, just gotta throw that out there) and there she was! Hiding behind 3 other dresses and she was just my size. I texted my husband immediately and we celebrated! I've realized during this time how important the little things are. If getting all dolled up and letting my inner princess shine and prancing around a building that looks like a castle brings me joy, I'm going to do it and I hope you do too!

We got so many gorgeous pictures, I just couldn't not share. So come on a fairytale journey with me and let the magic feed your soul.

Don't forget to embrace the magic that you bring to everyday!




Dress: "Estelle" Target x Love Shack Fancy

Hat: Amazon

Heart Sunglasses: Amazon

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