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From WFH to brunch! 5 ways to style your loungewear IRL

With all of us stocking up on cute loungewear, I thought now would be a great time to brainstorm on how we can make use of these looks outside the home! That way we get more bang for our buck. And I'm ALL about that! I styled a few of my pieces and am sharing 5 ways I'll be rocking these pieces out and about in the future!

1. Add a jean jacket!

This is an easy one and honestly, this is my fix for styling almost anything. Especially in the springtime! Throw a jean jacket over your pjs and I instantly feel fashionable and ready to head out lol! It can be a great way to bring street style to your lounge looks. Whether you pair it with leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, or a crop top and some joggers the addition of a jean jacket classes it up. OR get fancy and throw on a bodysuit under your joggers. Just add a jean jacket and voila fashion magic! Instantly chic.

Sweats linked here! (there is also a Disney World version!)

2. On the subject of denim, throw on a pair of jeans

Jeans are the obvious real people pants. Every time I put on jeans, I feel like I’m somebody I’m not…. aka an adult ha! I don’t know why, but they seem to make everything seem real. Such an easy fix to style your new slouchy sweatshirt with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Or a cropped sweatshirt and baggy boyfriend jeans and some booties.

Outfit details linked: Jeans here!

Similar sweatshirt here! & here!

3. Add biker shorts

This is a little more casual, but very very trendy, so it can definitely work for an outing. Bring it back to the 90’s and throw on some biker shorts under that hoodie, add chunky tennies and boom! You’re too cool for school. Home school that is. Now get out and take on the town!

Outfit details linked: Sweatshirt here! (there is also a Disney World version!)

Similar biker shorts here & here!

4. Add a collared shirt.

This look is a but more on the preppy side, but still very fashion. And I’m assuming most of us have some sort of collared shirt in our closet already. Or you can just snag one from your dad or hubby’s closet! Throw on some leggings & booties or tennies and you’re cute to boot!

Outfit details linked: Sweatshirt here!

Jeans here!

Similar collared shirt ( I borrowed my husband's!) here!

5. Get real crazy and add a skirt.

Now I know this may seem weird to some, but I love this look! a baggy sweater or sweatshirt over a short flowy skirt can be quite bohemian chic. Or you could even do a nice tuck and emphasize that waistline.

Outfit details linked: Similar sweatshirt here & here!

Skirt here!

Made a lil video featuring all of these styles as well! Check it out on my IGTV @theglitterwarrior And tag me when you rock your loungewear!

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