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Fancy & Festive at home Picnic

With the holidays looking a little different this year, we've been looking for ways to make celebrations at home SUPER special. This weekend is the 4th of July, which has always been one of my favorites to celebrate, so I really want to go all out! If you'll be partying at home this year, this fancy picnic set up is perfect for you. Check out the details below along with my tips & tricks for throwing a magical party in your own back yard!

Festive details!

The colors make all the difference. I loved the idea of going slightly off from your typical vibrant red, white, and blues and pulled from more muted aqua/blue tones and rusty reds. Even though I do love a big loud theme, I love how the more muted colors make this set up look so chic.

I don't know what it is about bringing the indoors out that just feels so down right fancy! I busted out all of our outdoor pillows and felt so cool sitting amongst them in the grass. If you don't have outdoor pillows, I found some super cheap/cute ones at Walmart and Amazon!

I also tie dyed an old white tablecloth. Super easy and only cost about $3 for the dye. This is something you could use all summer long. At the beach, at the pool, and obviously in your own backyard!

Pick some red, white, & blue toned florals to add a festive flair to your set up. I snagged some old alcohol bottles and red/white/blue hued flowers from the garden. This could also be a lovely gift idea if you'll be attending a socially distanced gathering. So beautiful, thoughtful, and if you have a garden of your own.... affordable. I'm sure your host will be blown away!

Star powered drinks!

You know I love a theme, so what a better way to really drive it home than to not just theme your decor, but to also theme out all of your food and drinks!?! This infused water is super delicious + super hydrating. Find my recipe here!

The glass beverage dispenser was a wedding gift from Target!

Red, White, & Cute!

I wish I had coined that phrase, but it was actually inspired by a post from my beloved Tone it Up girls! But seriously, it's all about the outfit for me. Always has been, always will be. Bust out your best red, white, & blue style. It can be simpler than you think! Anything denim will work! Rock a red lip, a white shoe, and BOOM! Instant festive fashion queen!

Shop my look!

Cambray Jumpsuit: Shop Red Dress - similar style here as well!

Espadrilles: Target

Star Necklace: Make it Minnie

What are your plans for this holiday weekend!? Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you a very happy 4th of July!



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