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Easy and sweet last minute gift idea!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Now, I know it's Christmas Eve, but I have a great last minute gift idea for you.... elastic bracelets! They are VERY in right now, and honestly so easy and quick to put together. I am even making a few myself today!

Now, I would say that you could probably put them together with what you have laying around your house, but I have recently come to realize that I may be one of the few that has a multitude of various crafting items within reach at my apartment ha! But truly, all you need for this easy project is:

  • Elastic string. I would choose the thickest that can still fit in the whole of the beads that you have chosen. If you have thin elastic (like I did) you can easily double it up.

  • Beads! Any kind will do! For these I used some leftover pearls I had + clear crystal square beads.

  • Letter beads. These are not necessary , but I wanted to include positive words on my bracelets. I found these (along with the metallic stars) at the dollar store!

  • Glue! Again, not necessary, but will really help strengthen the knot and help the bracelets remain stable. I use these Max Tacky Adhesive from Michael's for so many projects! Ok To Wash It is great too! Something a little more intense than Elmers would work best for this kind of a project.

Measuring can be a bit tricky! I normally go off of my own wrist size and add a bit from there to be safe. (These bracelets are great for stacking, so it still works if they're slightly big.) I take the elastic and wrap it around my wrist plus add a bit extra before I cut. Then I will take it to a ruler to measure what I have. This makes it easier to make multiple at a time! Once you know the proper measurement, you can cut as many as you need. ** Remember to leave engouh room so you will be able to tie the ends together with ease. I usually over estimate by an inch or two and cut off the excess when I'm finished.

I also stumbled upon a great stringing hack while trying to get finish these in a short amount of time...... a chip clip! There are things called "bead bugs" that you can purchase. They will hold the end of a string so that beads can be added on one side and not fall off of the other. I am sure that those are absolutely fab, but in a pinch, I grabbed a magnetic chip clip from my fridge, clamped it on one end, and it did the job just fine!

Once you have your strings all cut and your chip clips in place, you can string away! I did a test run with the words and counted how many regular beads were on each side. That way I had an idea of where I should start from for the rest of them. You may have to try a few different times to get the balance right, but it's really quite easy to estimate once you get the hang of it!

When they are strung the way you like, tie a tight knot with the ends of the string. Add a dot of glue to the knot, and tie it twice more for stability! Give the glue a little air to dry slightly and then cut the ends of the strings. It's ok to leave a bit at the ends, because you can just tuck these into the beads closest to the knot itself. If you want to, you can gently tug the knot through one of the beads so that it lives inside and you can no longer see it! Creates a bit of magical mystery for the receiver.

That's that! A quick, easy, meaningful, handmaid gift! If you're looking for something last minute, this is a great bet. It could also be a lovely addition to any present you already have put together. Take an extra piece of ribbon and tie these into the bow on the outside of a box.

Handmaid gifts are so meaningful to receive and can be SO budget friendly to create. Let me know if you bust any of these out last minute. I would love to see what you come up with!

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