• Elizabeth Casper

Disney.... but make it FESTIVE!

I don't know about you, but I'm doing everything I can to make the holidays magical this year! Just because we'll all be staying home doesn't mean we can't bust out our best festive style. I love bringing a little Disney into my wardrobe for an extra dose of magic. I mean... what's more magical than Disney?!

In this post, I've compiled some of my favorite festive Disney looks + style tips. Scroll through for magical wardrobe inspiration.

Throw on some ears!

If people can wear Santa hats around this time of year, why not don your own festive accessory! I love to bust out my favorite Mickey or Minnie ears whenever I need a dose of magic. Perfect for this magical time of year.

Here are some of my favorite places to find the most magical ears:

Kiss The Ears Co.

Enchanted Alexandra

Shop Disney

A 2020 Look

Now some people may look at a mask as a hindrance, I look at it as an additional accessory! A great way to keep others safe, and keep you fashionable. Now make it a festive mask and I'm ecstatic! I don't own any Disney masks just yet..... but I've got some in my cart. A mask can be the perfect place to add just a smidge of Disney magic.

Here are some mask shops I've heard great things about:

Shop Park Candy

Tiki Room Trading Post

Disney Aces


(I've heard to size up when ordering from the Disney store)

Skater Skirt Twirl!

I love a good twirl as much as the next girl, so throw me in a circle skirt and I'm in bliss! I love the look of an oversized sweater over a short skirt. You can tuck it in, do the ole "french tuck" (aka just tucking the front part of your top into the front portion of your skirt) or wear it loose and let it flow. This is a great way to jazz up one of your old favorite sweatshirts for the season... and it does wonders to elongate the legs too!

Midi Skirt Magic!

I love the whole "tuck your favorite sweater/sweatshirt into a midi skirt moment! Too me it just feels cozy and yet.... fashionable! This is a great way to turn even a non-holiday sweatshirt festive and stylish. Tuck it into a colorful skirt and accessorize for the holiday accordingly.

I can't wait to see you rocking your Disney magic this holiday season! Which look will you give a try?



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