• Elizabeth Casper

DAPPER SERIES: Cinderella's Castle Bound I #dapperdayathome

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

My mom bought this dress 3ish years ago for our first ever "girls only" trip to Disney world. She saw the pattern and immediately thought of the mural in Cinderella's Castle (pictured below). I think her assumption was absolutely accurate! It totally gives Cinderella Castle vibes. In brainstorming for #dapperdayathome looks, my mom brought up this gorgeous vintage swing coat. She purchased it at an estate sale years ago. Combined with this dress, her wedding shoes, and Cinderella purse... we had a perfect dapper castle bound. Journey through Cinderalla's Castle with me.... but make it FASHION.

*disclaimer* my parents live across from a University that looks like a castle!Literally across th street. No other humans were contacted during this shoot! I promise we were vigilant & very safe.

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