• Elizabeth Casper

Candy Corn Chic!

Spooky scary skeletons and pumpkins galore! It's that time of year and I plan on dressing festively every chance I get. Even though this year is different than any other, I still think it's important to be able to put ourselves together and express our personality via fashion. I have been attempting to get dressed and ready daily. I work from home, but I've noticed it brings me a sense of normalcy and excitement to get ready for my day. Plus, I wouldn't want my clothes to get sad. They need to get worn! This outfit is comfy AND cute. I've worn it in the office and also out and about to the museum with my hubs. I have always thought it was so funny when people think wearing a dress is someone "dressing up" Honestly, dresses are some of the easiest and comfiest pieces of clothing I own! Just through it on and go! No need to style or even think about it. I'm also obsessed with this cardigan, and have worn it basically every other day since it became mine. It gives me festive candy corn muppet chic vibes! I'm wearing a small dress and XS cardigan.

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Don't forget a mask when you go out in public!



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