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Getting fit for my Wedding! #bridalgains

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Happy September! We're a little over 5 weeks out from our wedding..........AH! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. I met Robby right around this time of year 4 years ago, we got engaged one year ago, and now all of a sudden we're getting married in a little over a month! I am so excited to marry him, but right now is go time! I'm buckling down and tackling all of the final details while also making sure I still prioritize health and fitness. SO, I thought it would be a great time to talk about how I'm getting fit and strong for our wedding!

Since I have worked in the bridal industry in some way for most of my life, I know for a fact that weight/size/fitness is probably one of the most talked about topics when it comes to wedding planning. And I GET IT! This is your ONE big day. The biggest day in your life. A massive celebration with all eyes on you and your person. I know this now better than ever before. The desire to be fit is completely understandable. It can be a LOT of pressure! From others, but mainly from yourself. For me, it came down to wanting to feel my absolute best and therefor most comfortable in my body. Knowing that if I felt this way, I would be able to feel nothing but absolute love and joy on our wedding day.

I have spent the past year trying to learn more about what my body likes and how I function at my best. One of the best practices I have picked up is meditation. It can seem daunting and boring at first, but I have noticed it make a huge difference in my day. It allows me to tune in and really get clear on what my body needs. Every morning I wake up, warm up some water on the stove, have it in a cup with lemon, then sit down and meditate for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes this is just me sitting and breathing and letting my thoughts go where they please. Other times, I do a body scan and think about the people in my life that I'm grateful for, or I will use a guided meditation. On days I'm feeling really antsy, I will go out for a run and let my thoughts flow that way. Start with no expectations and just take a few minutes of silence every morning. It makes a big difference!

Then there's my workout routine! I recently started a new program and I absolutely LOVE it! I wanted a challenge and man is it a challenge! am currently doing Madeline Moves Move. Sweat. Shred program and it has pushed me beyond my limits. I feel stronger than ever #bridalgains. She posts a LOT of workouts on her instagram! I had tried a few of her insta workouts and LOVED them which led me to purchase Move. Sweat. Shred with confidence. I do those workouts throughout the week along with running and workouts from the Tone it Up Studio app!

I have followed the Tone it Up program for years. It's actually what really got me started on my fitness and nutrition journey, so I'm a big fan! Their HIIT and Yoga workouts are unbeatable and my absolute fav. You can find a lot of free workouts on their website (linked here) and even a daily free workout on the app.

Honestly, it's all about moving your body. It's important to me to move my body every day, especially when planning our wedding. I start every day with a workout first thing so that I know I get it in. I invest in my body right when I wake up. Find what you like to do. Whether that be yoga, HIIT, walking, kickboxing, weight lifting and just do it! I have loved trying something new and challenging my body.

I have noticed, over the last few years especially, that what I eat is 99% of how I look/feel. It is SO connected. I love the quote "Abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen" What you're ingesting, directly affects my body. For better or for worse. Therefore I have been, and continue to, focus on eating super clean. A healthy diet has been something that has been incredibly important to me for years. I learned so much from Tone it Up and their nutrition plan! I even busted out my old TIU wedding plan and have been loving the recipes and tips! They have tons of recipes on their website if you don't want to purchase the nutrition plan just yet. But I will tell you, 5 years later, it is STILL a worthwhile investment. It really taught me how to eat clean and fuel my active body properly. I am also attempting to bring a lot of the Whole30 principles into my diet in these last few weeks leading up to the big day. I notice that the absence of sugar really helps my energy and cognitive function.

I have also really notivced how much alcohol affects my mind AND my body. I have decided to abstain from alcohol in these last weeks leading up to my wedding. It keeps my head clear and my body functioning at full capacity. It's something that I have notice over the years really affects my body very quickly and I want to be in tip top shape come wedding day so that I can enjoy all of the people and all of the activities.

At the end of the day it all comes down to wanting to feel the most me I can be on our big day. It's the biggest day of my life, but in the end its still me! I want to look and feel like myself on my wedding day, and punishing myself with lack of food or overworking out because a bride is "supposed" to look a certain way, will NOT lead to a happy ending. I love to workout and notice that that, along with eating clean and investing in my mental health help me to feel like my best self. AND I know that all of those things together contribute to my bod lookin real good in my white dress so I'm in! My best advice is to just start. Experiment with different workouts and foods. Make one clean choice at dinner and it'll lead to other clean choices throughout you day/week/year. Do YOU and just let these other things, workouts and such, enhance who YOU are for your big day.

Anyone else #sweatingforthewedding ? Let me know in the comments or on my instagram. I want to be your cheerleader!

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