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Amazon gifts for you..... and for me!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Christmas time is here! One of my favorite things about this time of year is gift giving. Seriously. I have always loved it! It feels so nice to give someone a thoughtful present and see the smile on their faces. Though gifting can easily get pretty expensive and after recently planning our wedding, we are working to stay on a budget for the holidays this year. I like to gift all of my friends something small and thoughtful for the holidays and I wanted to share some of the more affordable gifts I've come up!

Amazon has been a life saver for years now! And is especially coming in handy for holiday gifting this year! I have been searching for accessories myself, and finding them on Amazon has been such a blessing, because they come in packs! I can keep one or two for myself and still have plenty to gift to my fiends and family! It feels quite nice to gift yourself as well this time of year. You deserve it!

I am going to put together little Treat Yo Self fashion bags for my girls. Including all of these cute accessories! A little something unique and special that they may not have thought of or would have purchased for themselves. I'm doing the styling for them with this little gift, so it's kinda like a two for one! These are my favorites that I have found, and you can see that there are plenty! The headbands come in a pack of 6, the clips come with 20, scrunchies with 45!!!, and the sunglasses with 2 or 3. I've added links for all of them on the pictures below!

Slippers: https://rstyle.me/+_sMO75v7Iqn8zJFjBzbFsQ

A little accessorizing can make your everyday look instantly glam! And in my opinion, when you feel glam, you exude glam! Inside and out. So give your friends a little gift to help lift them up and let them know how fabulous you KNOW that you are! It's so easy to throw together a cute gift bag with some tissue paper, a few of these accessories, and a hadn't written note! What a lovely and personal treat for the ones that you love.

Let me know what you are gifting this holiday season!

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