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5 ways to prioritize yourself this holiday season.

In a season filled with events, shopping, family, emotions, etc.... it's easy to forget to tune in and take care of ourselves. Even if everything is "virtual" nowadays, it's still exhausting! In fact, I feel it may be even more exhausting because we've lost our boundaries. While it is lovely to have the ability to work from home, that means that work never leaves. We are "available" at all times. So now more than ever I've noticed the need to find ways in which I can prioritize myself and my health. It may take a little bit of extra work, but it's so worth it to feel grounded, healthy, and energized.

I've written out some of the habits that help me up my vibration this time of year. This post is just as much a reminder for me as it is for you! My hope is that you take some time to take care of yourself today.

Start your morning just a BIT earlier!

Whether it's 3 hours or 15 minutes, having time to myself first thing really helps me be present for others. I'm able to get in a workout, meditate, read, clean, etc without any other distractions. It helps me to feel fulfilled which in turn helps me to better serve others throughout the day.

Get up and move.

Speaking of workouts, make time to MOVE throughout your day. Moving your body has such amazing benefits. I like to workout first thing in the morning. That way, I have accomplished something good for myself before my day really even begins. I find, even if I'm feeling sluggish and tired, moving my body always enhances my mood & energy. It's also a great time to take a moment alone. Running has become my favorite form of meditation. It's a time and place just for me. No one else. Which can feel really peaceful.

Pump up the Jams!

Growing up in a house in which there was rarely a moment without music, it's one of the first things I turn to to bring me peace. Whether it's marching band music (yes, this is one of my favs when I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed!), Disney Parks music loops (our favs), or 90's hip hop in your ear, turning on good music can elevate your vibration and transform your environment. My new Sudio ETT earbuds have become my favorite accessory for this season. Super compact and fantastic sound quality. They even have noise cancelling capabilities, which is so great when working from home. They have a massive sale going on this Black Friday. 25% off site wide plus an extra 10% when you use my code GLITTERWARRIOR.

Step out into nature.

If it's warm enough where you are, heck even if it's not, bundle up and get outside! Put your feet on the earth and let the power of it all sink in and flow through you. Working from home now, I've found it very helpful to step away from my space. A 15 minute walk on a lunch break or a run through a local park can be very grounding. When I can listen to the wind through the trees and take a real good deep breath of fresh air, I instantly feel more centered and calm. It's like nature is reminding me of what is really important in this life.

Pamper yourself.

You don't need a fancy spa or expensive manicure, you can create a relaxing and lush environment right at home! I am a big fan of an at home manicure and a face mask. I instantly feel fancy, which uplifts my mood. Pop on a Spa playlist from YouTube, fire up the bubble bath, and set our your coziest socks/slippers and voila! It's a beautiful way to remind yourself that you're worth it. A little gesture can really go a long way.

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