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5 free ways to spread love to your Galentines!

Updated: Nov 24

Now I know we're a bit past Galentine's day, but why not spread all month long? With this past year leaving many of us feeling isolated, I think it's a wonderful time to re-invest in the relationships that mean the world to us. Friends are SO important and human connection (even virtually) can be extremely healing. I know this past year has been tough financially for many of us, so I wanted to share a few ways to spread the love without spending a whole lot! Compiled below are 5 things you can do for your gals that cost little to no money!

1. Send a text!

A simple text can go a LONG way! And it takes no time at all. I've developed a habit of texting my friends whenever they pop into my head. Nothing weighty or time consuming just a "Hey. Thinking of you and sending you love! 😘" Just knowing that someone is remembering/thinking of you can boost your mood. Or I'll send an old pic that sparked a memory while going through my camera roll. Totally free and can transport you both to a happy time together! It's a nice way to say Im thinking of you, and something I'd love to do more often.

2. Write a letter!

When it comes to communicating in unprecedented times, seeing the handwriting of one you love can make you feel all the more connected to them. It's simple, and if it's not something you do often, will feel new and special. Let this be a creative outlet for you as well! Bust out some old stickers, your favorite markers (I have many if you need to borrow some 😂) and make this a delicious art piece of your friendship.

3. Share a virtual drink!

I find that setting aside time for a virtual coffee date or cocktail, seems more purposeful and I'm much more likely to stick to that plan. It's so easy to bail on virtual plans ya'll! When we're comfy and cozy in our own homes and our bed & tv are within a few steps. So make the time for a girl date! Put it on your calendar and get your supplies all ready. Lately, I've been turning to a seltzer or Olipop over a drink, so why not share one with a pal via FaceTime. I would go out for coffee or a drink if we were not in a pandemic, so I'm trying to include those sorts of activities into my time at home. Finding those little things that feel "normal"can be magical for you and your friendships!

5. Invest in them

I know there are a LOT of side hustlers out there, and what better way to show them love than by investing in what they're working so hard on? Whether it's their small shop or social media. Modeling or corporate job. Give them a like, share their work on your social channels, or snag your next gift from their shop. Simple and yet I know it will mean the world.

Tell me how you're treating your friends in the comments.

Spread the love y'all!



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