• Elizabeth Casper

Need a last minute holiday outfit idea?! Look no further than your mom's closet! Gotta an old Christmas sweatshirt?! Perfect! Now let's get to styling.

Festive crewneck + festive pants!

You can't go wrong! Don't worry about mixing patterns. It totally works this time of year. You just want to make sure that you have a similar through line in each piece's color scheme. HonestIy, I say, the louder the better. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by dressing festive!

The Skater Skirt look!

This is festive in more ways than one and easy as can be! Do you have a short circle skirt? A circle skirt in case you're unfamiliar, are the best for twirling. Aka the "skater skirt" I think this name must have come from the ice skater look, but I could be wrong! Throw a festive crewneck on top. Tuck it in, or leave it loose for a very preppy flirty look.

The Ole Midi skirt!

I love a midi skirt as much as the next person. For some time I thought that I was too short to wear them, but alas I was wrong! I've found it's all about the proportions. Wearing a midi skirt with a cropped shirt or top tucked is quite flattering on my short frame. I love to tuck in my favorite graphic sweatshirt for a very modern look. It's casual and yet uplifted. Perfect for the holidays and beyond.

  • Elizabeth Casper

Everyone's favorite "ugly" christmas sweater is not so ugly after all! It's actually one of my favorite patterns for the colder months, and especially for the holiday season! Scroll through from some festive Fair Isle Style inspiration.

Are you a Fair Isle fan?! Let me know on my instagram! Follow @theglitterwarrior for more fashionable fun.



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  • Elizabeth Casper

We all love a little Miranda Priestly moment right?! But in all seriousness, you can't go wrong with plaid for the holidays. There are so many beautiful plaid pieces in the world that give us endless styling options. Want to dress it up? Try a full length plaid skirt. Going casual? Throw on some plaid flannel pjs and you're ready for the cozy fesitivites to begin. Even though the holidays will be more intimate this year, I think it's still important to dress the part. It makes us FEEL good. And hey, you could wear your gorgeous plaid midi dress for dinner, and then pop right back into your plaid PJs. That's the beauty of celebrating in your own home! Scroll through for some holiday plaid outfit inspiration. Which look is your favorite?

Plaid skirt

Chic and yet very merry.

Plaid flannel + High-waisted Pants

I bet you have both of these things in your closet right now! Tuck your favorite flannel into your favorite high-waisted pants and voila!

Plaid blanket scarf!

Can instantly make any look festive.

Plaid dress

Perfect for a date night at home!

Plaid pjs!

You can't beat this classic for the season.

Plaid Mask!

THE 2020 Holiday must have.



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