Spring Sale haul!

Forever21's Spring sale has been extended so now's the time to stock up for spring! I've compiled some of my favorites below to get started!

2020 BUDGET Gift Guides!

Two budget friendly gift guides to help us all through Christmas 2020. You don't need to spend a ton to give a thoughtful gift!

2020 Gift Guide: The TV Lover

We all know those people. The ones that can quote every line and know every single character's name and back story by heart.This is for them

2020 Gift Guide: Caffeine Lover!

Whether they're a coffee aficionado or a major tea lover, these gifts are sure to make any caffeine loving human buzz with glee!

2020 Gift Guide: The Disney Lover!

I think we've all been craving magic more than ever, so now is the perfect time to gift a little Disney to your loved ones.

2020 Gift Guide: Wellness Enthusiast

You know that person constantly talking about their latest workout, life changing supplement or most recent spiritual discovery? Well, #1 I am that person! And #2 this gift guide is for them! Whether it's the person in your life well on their way to becoming a yoga guru, or someone who's just tip toeing into self care. These are all fantastic and empowering tools. Now is a great time to gift the gift of wellness. Shop the post! #affiliatelinks (That means I get a small commis

Short Girl Style Hack!

My short girl style hack, perfect for the holidays and winter months ahead...

3 Cozy Thanksgiving Looks!

Trying to look cute and yet ALSO cozy this Thanksgiving? Look no further! I've styled my favorite Thanksgiving sweatshirt 3 different ways for some holiday outfit inspiration. Doing what I can to make the #holidaysathome fashionable. Which is your fav? Shop Similar pieces! #affiliatelinks Shop similar pieces! #affiliatelinks Shop Similar Pieces #affiliatelinks Here are a few other fun Turkey Day tops! Shop these sweatshirts! #affiliatelinks I can't wait to see how you style t

2020 Gift Guide: Geeky Gifts!

Here is the first of many gift guides to come! For this one, I compiled some of my favorite Geeky Gifts for the lovable nerds in your life.

Pumpkin Chic!

Let your inner rock star + pumpkin lover shine!