New Year's Strata!

I love breakfast food…. more than anything ….so it makes sense to start the year with a delicious meal to share with family.

2020 Reflections

With that time also came introspection. We had no choice but to break apart and find the true belief within ourselves to keep going.

2020 BUDGET Gift Guides!

Two budget friendly gift guides to help us all through Christmas 2020. You don't need to spend a ton to give a thoughtful gift!

2020 Gift Guide: Caffeine Lover!

Whether they're a coffee aficionado or a major tea lover, these gifts are sure to make any caffeine loving human buzz with glee!

Stars & Stripes fruit Infused water!

There's nothing that says summer more than watermelon! And there's nothing that feels better on a hot summer's day than a nice, cold, glass

Intentions for my 29th year!

29! The last year in my twenties! I felt like I grew SO much last year! It was not the easiest year, but it was incredible! I got married...

What I look for in a Planner.

OR "Jammin on my planner!" an ode to Leslie Knope. Much like my idol Leslie Knope, I very much look forward to the start of a new year...

How to ease into a healthy lifestyle

Ladies and gents, let me rock your world.... living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard! The most difficult part, is making the...

My fitness journey.

Fitness and nutrition is what inspired me to dip a toe into the world of social media in the first place, so I thought that I would share...