Hi friends! 
My name is Liz! I am a 28 year old lady living in NYC. I grew up in Toledo, OH and am incredibly proud to be a Buckeye (even though I didn't go to Ohio State!) I attended Kent State University (still in Ohio!) and got my BFA in musical theatre. Since then, I have spent most of my adult life pursuing a career on stage. This crazy industry really opened my eyes and showed me how important it is to invest in my body and overall wellbeing. From living on a tour bus to living on a cruise ship, I realized how important it was to take care of myself no matter where I am or what I have available to me. It's all about getting creative, identifying your priorities and values, and truly investing in yourself! 
These experiences have been the best education in life. They have brought me friends that have become family AND true love. Yes, I did meet my fiancé in a show. I wouldn't give up those experiences for the world. As difficult as times have been, I have learned and grown so much along the way. 
I want to take all of the things I have learned from my years traveling and my time in NYC to inspire and inform so that you can get on with living your BEST life! No judgement, just love and glitter!